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Gomden Cushion

Gomden® Meditation Cushion

Designed by a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Master for his Western Students, the Gomden cushion is a firm foam block inside of a removable, washable, quilted fabric shell.

  • The Gomden meditation cushion is designed for a cross-legged posture with the knees up off the meditation mat (Zabuton).
  • The firm foam block interior will keep its height in sitting.
  • The quilted fabric Gomden cover is removable and washable.
  • Gomden Cushion sets include a Zabuton Mat to cushion knees and ankles. Deluxe Sets also include a Gomden Support Cushion that goes on the Gomden for added height and versatility.
  • ECO fabrics are available for an additional charge

Note: for Zen style sitting, try one of our Zafu Cushions or our Kneeling Meditation (seiza) Bench.

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