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Half-Moon Zafu Meditation Cushion Set Deluxe Kapok Fill
Half-Moon Kapok Zafu Cushion Set

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All three cushions in the Half-Moon Zafu Cushion Set Deluxe with Kapok Fill include a zippered cover that is removable & washable (100% Cotton or a Cotton-Poly blend, depending on the color). All hand-made to the highest quality in our Vermont workshop.

For an additional charge, all of our meditation cushion covers are now available in two shades of ECO-Twill (recycled poly/organic cotton blend) as well as in 100% Organic Cotton.

Use the drop-down menu below to choose a color for your meditation cushion set. (When you click on an ECO swatch, click UPDATE PRICE to see the correct price).

PRICE: $145.00

Product Code: C-527-SET-D

Cushion Color (100% cotton unless noted)
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Half-Moon Kapok Zafu meditation cushion:

  • 100% cotton with Kapok fill.
  • 6" loft (that will settle to 5"), 18" diameter.
  • Fabric carrying handle.
  • Sewn short at the front and taller at the back for a wedge effect.
The Zabuton:
  • comes with a zippered cover (100% cotton in most colors) that is removable & washable, containing a Natural (off-white) 100% cotton cushion.
  • 27" by 33" with a 4.5" loft.
  • Hand-tufted, cotton batting.
  • Provides comfort for your ankles and knees.

The Support Cushion:

  • 100% cotton inner shell.
  • Removable zippered cover.
  • Hand-tufted with cotton batting.
  • 12" by 18" with a densely packed 4" loft.