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Incense Bowls and Burners

Incense Holder in a Ceramic Bowl (Japanese) or Brass Burner (Chinese) for Burning Incense:

  • Brass Incense Bowl for Burning Stick Incense
  • Brass Incense Burners (with cover) for Charcoal Incense
  • Lotus Incense Burner from China
  • Ceramic Incense Holders -- Bowls with Various Glazes
  • Incense Charcoal Tablets and Sand

Brass Incense Bowl for Burning Stick Incense Ceramic Incense Burner (Rust Rim Glazed) Ceramic Incense Bowl with Iron Crystal Glaze Ceramic Incense Holder (Moonlight White Crackle-Glazed) Swift-Lite Incense Charcoal
Incense Bowl Sand Shoyeido Incense Charcoal ~ Miyakozumi Swift-Lite Incense Charcoal Shoyeido Incense Charcoal ~ Miyakozumi
Incense Bowl Sand
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