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Japanese Incense

Japanese Incense

Japanese incense is known for its purity and subtle blending. In Japan, blending incense is considered an art form, and appreciating incense is considered a form of meditation known as listening to incense. A 9" stick will burn for about 40-45 minutes, a 5" stick will burn about half an hour.

Morning Star Sandalwood Small Morning Star Green Tea Incense Small Morning Star Patchouli Incense Small Morning Star Amber Incense Small Morning Star Jasmine Incense Small
Shoyeido Classics 5-box Incense Sampler Shoyeido Magnifiscents Japanese Incense 5-Box Sampler Tendan Sandalwood (5") Viva Short Box Viva Long Box
Tendan Sandalwood (5")
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Viva Short Box
Our Price: $15.00
Viva Long Box
Our Price: $15.00
Shoyeido Classics Shoyeido Classics Eternal Treasure Hoyei-koh Shoyeido Classics Moss Garden Nokiba Roll Shoyeido  Classics White Cloud (Haku-un) Box Shoyeido Classics ~ White Cloud (Haku-un) Roll
Shoyeido Classics ~ Five Hills (Go-zan) Box Shoyeido Classics Shoyeido Kyoto Cherry Blossoms Kyo-zakura Box Shoyeido Classics Shoyeido Classics Autumn Leaves (Kyo-Nishiki) Box
Shoyeido Classics Shoyeido Classics Golden Pavilion Kin-kaku Shoyeido Classics Shoyeido OHJYA-KOH King's Aroma Jinkoh Juzan
Jinkoh Juzan
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Mainichiko Deluxe (box) Daigen Koh Rosewood Shoyeido Magnifiscents Incense ~ Amethyst - Balance Shoyeido Magnifiscents Incense ~ Ruby - Strength Shoyeido Magnifiscents ~ Diamond - Power
Mainichiko Deluxe (box)
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Daigen Koh Rosewood
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Shoyeido Magnifiscents: Sapphire - Devotion Shoyeido Magnifiscents: Emerald - Awareness Daigen Koh Rosewood Box of 12 Morning Star Sandalwood Long Box









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