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Kneeling Meditation Bench Sets

Seiza Bench Sets with a Zabuton and Top Cushion

Our Kneeling Meditation Bench Sets from Zen (Seiza Bench) are made right here in Vermont by local furniture makers. Our standard Kneeling Meditation Bench is made of solid maple in a water-based low V.O.C. children’s furniture-grade finish. This Seiza Bench is also available in solid cherry in a hand-rubbed oil finish. Our Portable Meditation Bench is our version of the Folding Meditation Bench (without the hinges) and our Curved-Leg version makes for an adjustable Kneeling Meditation Posture.

All of our Seiza Bench Sets are sold with a Zabuton Mat (also from Zen) in a washable zippered cover as well as a top Bench Cushion that secures through Velcro straps. Seiza Bench Set cushions are available in a variety of colors and fabrics and stuffed with 100% cotton batting.

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