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Kneeling Meditation Bench

Seiza Bench for Kneeling Meditation
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Our Kneeling Meditation Bench from Japanese Zen. A meditation seat for a posture with less stress on the hips.

  • Your ankles and calves are under you on the Zabuton Mat
  • While the solid oak Seiza Bench supports your weight
  • Kneeling Meditation Bench Cushion provides comfort
  • Save when you buy a Kneeling Bench Sets with cushions included.

All of our meditation benches are made here in Vermont.

Kneeling Meditation Seiza Bench with Cushion Tilting Kneeling Meditation Bench with Cushion Kneeling Meditation Seiza Bench - Portable with Cushion Kneeling Meditation Bench Plus with Cushion Meditation Bench Seiza Kneeling Bench
Kneeling Bench Portable Kneeling Seiza Bench Kneeling Meditation Bench Plus Kneeling Seiza Bench Cushion Kneeling Seiza Bench Cushion Plus









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