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Meditation Benches

The Seiza Bench and Cloud Meditation Bench

The Kneeling meditation bench is also called the Japanese Seiza (“SAY-ZA”) bench for a kneeling posture in meditation or prayer. The Seiza kneeling Bench comes in a folding (hinge-less) portable version as well as an adjustable (curved-leg) version as well as a PLUS size bench for more height and room.

The Cloud Bench supports a cross-legged meditation posture. The Cloud Meditation Bench is available in a tall and low version for the perfect meditation seat (that’s not a chair).

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Low VOC Water-Based Finishes

  • Portable and adjustable Meditation Bench options
  • Bench Sets include a top cushion and Zabuton Mat
  • Master Furniture Maker’s Design—solid wood
  • Low V.O.C. finishes available
  • Made here by Vermont Craftspeople