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Meditation Pillows - Zafu Cushions, Zabuton Mats, Gomden (the rectangular one), a wedge cushion, yoga cushions, custom meditation cushions, the Buckwheat Hull Zafu. We make them all here in our Vermont workshop. ECO, twill and designer fabrics.

Meditation Cushions and Sets

For Comfortable Meditation

The Zafu and Zabuton Mat for Zazen. Traditional Zen Zafu or Half-Moon Zafus also available in Buckwheat fill. Support Cushions for Meditation in Yoga.

Our rectangular Gomden Cushion for a good posture, relaxed meditation and a comfortable meditation seat.

Meditation pillows sold separately or in a Meditation Cushion Set with removable washable cushion covers.

Starting Meditation:

Watch "Zafu" ► | Read "How to Choose a Meditation Cushion" ►

Made in Vermont Since 1976

  • Meditation Cushion Sets
  • Cotton, Blend and Organic Fabrics
  • Zafu and Zabuton Mat from Zen, the Gomden for more height
  • Sewn by us here in Vermont
  • See our How to Choose a Meditation Cushion for advice on your meditation seat (or call or write)