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Meditation Cushions

Meditation Cushions

A comfortable meditation seat helps the body relax. When the body relaxes, the mind follows. Our cushions are firm, sturdy, and in different heights. This way you can find the height and stability you need for a comfortable posture.

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Zafu Cushion Buckwheat Zafu Zabuton Cushion Zafu Zabuton Sets

Zafu Meditation Cushion

Zafu Meditation Cushion

All of our meditation cushions are made in the USA -- by us, right here in Vermont. We make our Zafu (from Zen) Meditation Pillow with two natural fills: Kapok fiber and Buckwheat Hulls, both available in the traditional (round) cushion and our Crescent Zafu. Zafu cushions are also available with a removable, washable cover, sold together or separately. A Zafu Zabuton Set provides savings and comfort for ankles and knees.
A Zafu Support Cushion will add height to your meditation seat. All cushions are made here in our Vermont workshop.

Buckwheat Zafu Meditation Cushion

Buckwheat Meditation Cushion

All of our Buckwheat Zafu cushions come with a removable, washable zippered cover and closed inner lining with buckwheat hull filling. Buckwheat cushions hold their loft and can be shaped to fit your needs. Use the Zabuton with the Zafu to cushion your knees and ankles.
A Support Cushion will add height. Consider Zafu Zabuton Sets for savings. Made here in our Vermont workshop.

Meditation Cushions

Zabuton Meditation Cushions

Our Zabuton Cushion (also from Japanese Zen) is the cotton floor mat that sits under the Zafu or other Meditation Cushion or Bench as a pillow for the knees and ankles. Hand layered and tufted with 100% cotton batting for a comfortable meditation seat. Zabutons are sold with a removable, washable cover in cotton and eco-cotton twill. For zabuton covers only click here.
  • Our Zabuton Mat (27" x 33") has a 4.5" loft that will settle over time and is suitable for most practitioners.
  • Our Jumbo Zabuton Cushion is the same thickness (4.5") but makes more room for longer legs (30"x33").
  • Our Zabuton with a 2.5" loft is more portable and recommended as the mat for Meditation Benches.
  • All Zabutons are available with an eco-friendly, organic washable cushion cover.
  • Use the Zabuton as the meditation mat for the Zafu Cushion, Gomden or a Meditation Bench.


Zafu Zabuton Sets

Zafu Zabuton
Meditation Cushion Sets

Zafu and Zabuton sets. Kapok or Buckwheat fill. Cotton blend, Organic Cotton. Crescent (Half-Moon) or Round Zafu.

Stuffed and hand-tufted with with soft 100% cotton batting. Cushions the knees and ankles.

Save when you buy your Meditation Cushions
in a Cushion Set.

ECO fabrics are available for an additional charge
(look for swatches with ECO fabrics symbols when you browse the product pages).

Zafu Zabuton Deluxe Set Gomden® Cushion Support Cushions Cushion Covers


Zafu Zabuton Sets

Zafu Zabuton Deluxe Cushion Sets

From the Zen Buddhist tradition, the Zafu Cushion, Zabuton Mat, and Zafu Support cushion are used together to provide an ideal seat for upright and comfortable sitting meditation. All pillows in the set include a removable, washable, zippered cover. Eco-Friendly Zafu Zabuton Sets are available in organic cotton and other eco-friendly covers.
All sets include one of our popular Zafu Cushions (in Kapok or Buckwheat), our 4.5" loft Cotton Zabuton Mat, and cotton filled Zafu Support Cushion for added height and versatility.
  • All three pillows in the Set come with a removable, washable, zippered cover.
  • All Zafu Zabuton sets are available in a range of colors.
  • Zafu Zabuton Deluxe sets are priced for savings.
  • ECO fabrics are available for an additional charge
    (look for swatches with ECO fabrics symbols when you browse the product pages).
  • Hand-made in our Vermont workshop.


Designed by a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Master for his Western Students, the Gomden cushion is a firm foam block inside of a removable, washable, quilted fabric shell. Use the Zabuton Mat with the Gomden to cushion knees and ankles.

  • The Gomden meditation cushion is for a cross-legged posture with the knees up off the meditation mat (Zabuton). The firm foam block interior will keep its height in sitting.
  • The quilted fabric Gomden cover is removable and washable.
  • Gomden Cushion sets include a Zabuton Mat to cushion knees and ankles. Deluxe Sets include a Gomden Support Cushion that goes on the Gomden for added height and versatility.
  • ECO fabrics are available for an additional charge
    (look for swatches with ECO symbols when you browse the product pages).

Made to the highest quality here in our Vermont shop. There are over 100 yards of thread in a Gomden! Note: for Zen style sitting, try one of our Zafu Cushions or our Kneeling Meditation (seiza) Bench.

Meditation Support Cushions

Support Cushion

Our Meditation Support Cushions come with a zippered, washable cover in the color of your choice and can be used alone on a Zabuton or with a Zafu Cushion or Gomden to give you that extra lift.

  • Our Zafu Support Cushion is 15"x15" - perfect under a Zafu.
  • Our Gomden Support is 12"x18" - perfect on a Gomden.
  • Our Bolster supports a knee (in cotton or buckwheat hull fill).
  • 100% Cotton fill (4" loft) for comfort and support.

Hand made in our Vermont workshop.
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Meditation Cushions

Meditation Cushion Covers

Natural Cotton Covers for your Meditation Cushion

  • Washable Covers can keep your Meditation clean.
  • Deluxe Meditation Cushions are sold with a cover for Savings.
  • All Buckwheat Zafu cushions come with a zippered cover.
  • The Gomden already comes with a removable cover.
Yoga Meditation Pillows For Beginners
Cotton Yoga Mat

Yoga Meditation Pillows

Yoga Pillows for Meditation and Yoga
Our Yoga Cushions are Made by Hand here in Vermont.
Beginner Sets

Beginner Meditation Cushion Sets

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