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Meditation and Yoga Pillows

Support Cushion for a Gomden - Shown here in red as part of a Deluxe Gomden Set. The Support Cushion adds height to your meditation seat

Meditation and Yoga Pillows

Our Meditation Pillows come with a zippered, washable cover in the color of your choice and can be used alone on a Zabuton or with a Zafu Cushion or Gomden to give you that extra lift.

  • Our Yoga Pillow is 12"x18" with a 4" loft. Perfect for Yoga Meditation.
  • Our Zafu Support Cushion is 15"x15" - perfect under a Zafu.
  • Our Gomden Support is 12"x18" - perfect on a Gomden.
  • 100% Cotton fill (4" loft) for comfort and support.
  • Our Bolster supports a knee (in cotton or buckwheat hull fill).

Hand made in our Vermont workshop.

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