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Aren't You Supposed to Be Somewhere? Folding Puja Table Gomden Meditation Cushion Video Introduction to Samadhi Cushions
Aren't you supposed to be somewhere?

Watch what happens when a stressed young business guy finds out what it's like to let go.

The meditation cushion shown here is a Gomden. Visit our Gomden Video for more information.

Shot on the streets of New York by Chopwood Productions. Tell a friend.

Folding Puja Table

I just bought one of these and I can say it is not just a table but a solid, well crafted, piece of furniture. ~ Stan.

Comment on youtube, July 16, 2014

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The Gomden Meditation Cushion

Considering the Gomden Meditation Cushion, but not sure? This video will help you answer the question "Is the Gomden cushion right for me?" Our popular Standard (6") Gomden supports a simple cross-legged posture and generally sits a bit higher than the Zafu Cushions. The Gomden Support Cushion can be used to increase the height of the Gomden. The video also shows the Zabuton, the cotton floor mat used to cushion the ankles.

Dear Friend and Meditator,

Samadhi Cushions and Store was started by students of the late Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, founder of Shambhala. We have been making and selling quality cushions for practitioners of meditation since 1975. Our cushions are sewn, hand-stuffed and hand-tufted right here in our workshop in the village of Barnet, Vermont. Our retail outlet, Samadhi Store, carries over 3000 items for the support of mindfulness meditation, including over 900 titles on Buddhist meditation and related topics.

We all live in the vicinity (some of us were even born here). We are a not-for-profit affiliate of Shambhala, now under the guidance of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Our mission is to encourage and support the practice of mindfulness meditation as taught by the Buddha. Proceeds from our sales support the retreatants and facilities at Shambhala Centers, including Karmê Chöling retreat center nestled on 500 acres, just down the road, and Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado.

Introduction to Samadhi Cushions

Meditation Bench Portable Seiza Kneeling Bench Zafu Video
Meditation Bench

This video will help you answer the question "Is there a Meditation Bench that is right for me?" The video shows the Kneeling Bench from the Zen Tradition, as well as our own Cloud Benches (standard and Low-Cloud), which support cross-legged sitting and may be just the answer if you want a more grounded feeling than a meditation chair can provide.

The Kneeling Bench Cushion is a cotton cushion recommended for the Kneeling Bench. The Slim 2" Gomden is the cushion recommended for the Cloud Benches. The video also shows the Zabuton, the mat that goes under the bench to cushion your legs and ankles. We recommend our thinner 2.5" Zabuton for our meditation benches.

Portable Seiza Bench or Kneeling Bench
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The Zafu

Considering the Zafu Meditation Cushion? This video will help you answer the question "Is the Zafu cushion right for me?" This short video includes a discussion of both the shape - traditional round or our Half-Moon (crescent-shaped) Zafu - as well as the choice of fill - the softer but resilient Kapok Zafu or the firmer but "moldable" Buckwheat Zafu. Note: the Kapok Zafu is our most popular and is available in a Deluxe Zafu version which comes with a washable zippered cover. The Zafu Support Cushion goes under the Zafu to add height. The video also shows the Zabuton, the mat cushioning the knees and ankles.









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