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Zafu Zabuton Sets

Zafu Zabuton Set - Shown here in Eco Gray

Zafu Zabuton Meditation Cushion Sets

Our meditation cushion sets are specially priced for savings.

  • Round or Half-Moon Zafu Sets
  • All sets come with a Zabuton Cushion stuffed with soft 100% cotton batting to cushion the knees and ankles
  • All meditation pillows in the set come with zippered covers that are removable and washable
  • ECO fabrics are available for an additional charge (100% organic cotton or recycled polyester/organic cotton blend)
  • Handmade in our Vermont workshop
  • All Zafu Zabuton sets are available in organic cotton fabric.
  • Zafus shown here are filled with traditional firm, but resilient, kapok fiber. See our Buckwheat Zafu category for Zafu Zabuton sets sold with a buckwheat hull Zafu.

Starting Meditation: