Sounds True

Welcome Sounds True Customers

Samadhi Cushions and Sounds True are pleased to bring you the highest-quality supplies to support your practice of meditation.  Choose from cushions, meditation benches, meditation timers, gongs, incense, and other specialty products to help you to make the practice of meditation a part of your daily life.

We invite you to take a closer look at the products below as well as to shop around at Samadhi Cushions for all of your meditation supply needs.

Meditation Bench:

Designed and crafted by master woodworkers here in Vermont.

The Cloud Bench comes in black
or natural finish.

The Low Cloud Bench provides extra height for a cross legged posture.

The Cloud and Low Cloud benches are both available with a 2-inch gomden.

Our Kneeling Bench from the Zen tradition comes with or without a cushion.

The Portable Kneeling Bench collapses for easy storage & travel.

The Kneeling Meditation Bench with Rounded Legs lets you tilt the bench to suit your posture.

Meditation Cushions:

Our Meditation Cushions are firmer than ordinary pillows.

The Zafu Cushion also comes in buckwheat.

The Zabuton Mat will cushions your ankles.

Use a Gomden instead of Zafu for more height.

Our Cotton Yoga Mat is extra thick.


Support Cushions and Covers are options.


Half-moon Zafus come with kapok or buckwheat fill.

Meditation Supplies:

Items to enhance your meditation and practice space.

Tibetan singing bowls, Japanese hammered gongs, iron gongs.

Buddha statues from Nepal, India and Indonesia.

Malas in wood, stone and crystal.

Meditation timers signal the end of your session with the sound of Tibetan singing bowls.

A variety of candles and candle holders for your shrine.

Meditation Incense:

Delicate Japanese Incense, earthy and fragrant Tibetan Incense, Powdered Incense for smoke offerings, Less Smoke Incense, and Incense Burners.

Tibetan incense imported from refugee communities in India and Nepal.

High-quality, less-smoke Japanese incense from Shoyeido and Nippon Kodo.

Powdered Incense from Japan and Juniper and Sage from the American Southwest.

Charcoal: ideal for burning powdered or resin incense.


Incense burners for offering incense sticks or powdered incense.