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How every $100 purchase of cushions or benches in the month of April will help homeless youth:

In late 2013, a group of 15 homeless youth gathered at the Reciprocity FoundationÕs center in Manhattan with a design challenge: to co-create a Meditation Cushion for homeless youth and for meditators from across the globe. They designed a beautiful Mandala with images, words and drawings that represent the practice of meditation.

This stunning Mandala will be silkscreened locally onto soft, high quality cushions from Samadhi and distributed to youth living in homeless shelters in 2014 to encourage them to meditate.

Taz Tagore, co-founder of the Reciprocity Foundation, said ÒEach homeless youth designed one ÒsliceÓ of the mandala.

Together it represents a universe of healing, love, energy, youth, joy and stillness.Ó

Adam Bucko, co-founder, said, ÒThis cushion will encourage vulnerable youth to practice meditation in shelters, on the streets, or wherever they find themselves. It can create a radical change in their day to day lives."

How you can help:

During the month of April, when you spend $100 or more on Meditation Cushions or Benches from Samadhi Cushions, we will give a Yoga Support Cushion to the Reciprocity Foundation of New York City for their upcoming teen retreats.

In retreats sponsored by the Reciprocity Foundation, homeless teens will receive a meditation cushion decorated with art designed by the students themselves.

Any cushions not given to the teens, will be sold by the Reciprocity Foundation, and 100% of proceeds will benefit homeless youth programming.

In the month of April, support your own meditation practice and encourage a homeless teen to explore the benefits of mindfulness meditation through the efforts of Reciprocity.

Meditation Cushion
graphic designed by youth
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Meditation Cushion