Workplace Meditation Rooms

Meditation Pillows - Zafu Cushions, Zabuton Mats, Gomden (the rectangular one), a wedge cushion, yoga cushions, custom meditation cushions, the Buckwheat Hull Zafu. We make them all here in our Vermont workshop. ECO, twill and designer fabrics.

Workplace Meditation Rooms

Time to Train

"If we experience a sense of gentleness toward ourselves, a sense of friendliness to others begins to arise. That friendliness or compassion is known in Tibetan as Nyingje, which literally means 'Noble Heart.' To experience our 'Noble Heart' requires some training."

– Adapted from Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving Kindness by Chögyam Trungpa

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Our mission is to support Mindfulness Meditation. Because mindfulness brings awareness, encouraging sensitivity and creativity, a space for meditation will help you support your mission. We want to be part of that success.

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Why Purchase Samadhi Cushions For Your Workplace Meditation Room?

40 Years of Experience | Vermont-Made | ECO Friendly Materials | Flexible & Responsive | Deadline Friendly | The Highest Quality Meditation Cushions and Meditation Benches on the Planet.

We Serve: Notforprofits | Fortune 100 Corporations | Religious Institutions

Create an inviting and practical Workplace Meditation Room

For the past 40 years, Samadhi Cushions has designed and made cushions and benches for sitting meditation. We make our cushions ourselves in our own shop to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our products are built to last and to stay beautiful for years to come. We can provide washable covers, however, to help you keep your sitting space pristine and uplifted.

Your Meditation Room: Our Experience Works for You

For the past 40 years, we have provided meditation seating for the world’s largest corporations and organisations. More often than not, this means working with the deadlines and requirements of the design team and project managers. Often, our clients are able to find what they need from our variety of fabrics and finishes on our meditation cushions and benches. We can also use custom selected and dyed materials you have chosen for the work and are happy to create meditation seating based upon your specifications.

Tell Us What you Need.

Explain what you are trying to accomplish. Let us help you find the meditation solution you envision for your employees or clients. Yes, we can work with a P.O. system and strict deadlines. Please complete the attached questionnaire to help us understand what you need.

We Are Here for the Long Term

Our success isn’t selling you a meditation cushion or meditation bench. It’s supporting your effort over the long-term as you establish safe and supportive spaces for sitting meditation. We work to create sustainable, long-term relationships with our corporate partners. We want to work with you as you grow and develop as an organization. We are here to help you create a workplace meditation space that changes your corporate culture for the long-term.