Meditation Pillows - Zafu Cushions, Zabuton Mats, Gomden (the rectangular one), a wedge cushion, yoga cushions, custom meditation cushions, the Buckwheat Hull Zafu. We make them all here in our Vermont workshop. ECO, twill and designer fabrics.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee: The Short Version

If we make a mistake in manufacture or shipping—we will fix it at our cost. Period.

Our Guarantee: The Longer Version

For over 40 years, our hand-made Meditation Cushions and Benches have met the highest standards of beauty and quality.

Before we ship to you, we inspect each item thoroughly. What you receive should be what you ordered—period.

If the meditation cushion or meditation bench you receive isn't what you ordered or has defects in manufacturing, we will replace it with the correct item at our cost or refund your entire purchase including shipping.

That is our Guarantee. We stand by it 100%.

Now: YOUR Homework!

We need your help if you are going to take advantage of our commitment to you. In order to reduce the risk of ordering a meditation cushion or meditation bench that's not what you need (and incurring shipping costs for a return and replacement) you need to do your homework:

  • Try out a friend's Buckwheat Zafu (they're firm!) first
  • Visit a Shambhala Center near you to sit on a Gomden.
  • Experiment with a kneeling meditation posture before you commit to a Seiza Bench.
  • Also, be sure to review our article on How to Choose a Meditation Cushion (or Bench.)
  • Still not sure? Please call or write us. We sit on what we sell and we can offer advice that comes from experience.

A Note about our Shipping Costs

They're High! But NOT because we overcharge. Meditation Cushions and Meditation Benches are bulky; as a result they don't ship on their actual weight. Bulky items ship on what the carriers call dimensional weight, which is calculated by the size of the box.

How WE manage Shipping Costs

To help with the risks associated with expensive shipping, we:

  1. Offer advice and clear images to help you purchase the meditation cushion or meditation bench that's right for you.

  2. Do our best to optimize our packaging sizes and always review online shipping charges for accuracy.

  3. (Unless you restrict us to a certain carrier) Find the cheapest shipping option among FedEx, UPS and the Post Office.

  4. Work to create an uplifted and cheerful work environment for our employees with a living wage and access to health insurance. In this way we stay able to make a beautiful quality product built to last a lifetime.

  5. Our Goal: the cost to ship your cushion or bench to you happens only once.

  6. Note: if you have special instructions for shipping or are working with certain time constraints for your order delivery please contact us. We will make every effort to accommodate your requirements.

Thank you for letting us support you in your meditative journey.

It's an honor.


The Staff at Samadhi Cushions


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