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Buckwheat Zafu

Buckwheat Hull Zafu Pillbox - This is the Zafu Zabuton Set Deluxe (with a Support Cushion) in red fabric. All deluxe Cushion Sets come with washable covers.

Buckwheat Zafu Meditation Cushion

Made here in our Vermont workshop since 1976. Our Buckwheat Zafu comes with a removable, washable zippered meditation cushion cover and closed inner lining with buckwheat hull filling. The Buckwheat Zafu will hold its loft and can be shaped to fit your needs. Use the Zabuton Mat (cotton-filled) with the Buckwheat Zafu to cushion your knees and ankles.

  • The traditional round Buckwheat Zafu will support a variety of meditation posture.
  • Use the Buckwheat Crescent Zafu for a gentler incline that supports the thighs and can help facilitate lotus or half lotus posture.
  • The Pillbox Buckwheat Zafu is a simpler design and offers the most height for sitting.
  • Our Buckwheat Zafu and Zafu Meditation Cushion Sets are available in ECO fabrics (organic cotton and recycled poly) as well as a natural white organic cotton. (Additional charges apply for ECO fabrics when you buy a meditation set. But all Meditation Sets mean savings for you.)
  • Our Deluxe Sets include a 100% cotton stuffed Meditation Pillow for extra height and versatility in your meditation posture.