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Buckwheat Zafu
Buckwheat Hull Zafu Pillbox - This is the Zafu Zabuton Set Deluxe (with a Support Cushion) in red fabric. All deluxe Cushion Sets come with washable covers.

Buckwheat Zafu Meditation Pillow

Our Buckwheat Zafu comes with a removable, washable zippered cover and a closed inner lining with buckwheat hull filling. The Pillbox Zafu is shown above, the Pillbox gives more height than a standard Buckwheat Zafu.

The Buckwheat Zafu will support a variety of meditation postures. Use the Buckwheat Crescent Zafu for an incline that supports the thighs. Available in ECO fabrics (organic cotton and recycled poly) as well as a natural white organic cotton. Deluxe Meditation Sets include a Meditation Pillow for extra height.

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