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Flight of the Garuda
A Complete Explanation of Thorough Cut by Zhabkar
Translated by Tony Duff

Flight of the Garuda : A Complete Explanation of Thorough Cut by Zhabkar : Translated by Tony Duff

Flight of the Garuda is a series of twenty-three songs sung by the Dzogchen master Tshogdrug Rangdrol [1781–1850 C.E.] for the sake of his students. The songs explain the practice called Thorough Cut (Thregcho), which is one of the two innermost practices of Dzogchen or Great Completion. Tshogdrug Rangdrol, who is more commonly known as Zhabkar, later compiled the songs into a text. Over time, this text became one of the most popular texts used to explain Thorough Cut because of its complete and very clear treatment of the practice.

Zhabkar went further and made Flight of the Garuda into the first of a trilogy of texts. The other two texts in the trilogy explain the second innermost practice of Dzogchen, called Direct Crossing (Thogal). These two texts are not included in this book, though a clear explanation of all three texts in the trilogy is given in the introduction.

Those who have read either of the other translations available will be surprised and delighted at this translation. Verse and prose versions of the translation are provided to accommodate all needs. A summary of topics of the text, by Ontrul Tenpa’i Wangchuk, which has not been seen before and which helps considerably to understanding the many topics within the text itself has been included.

A lengthy introduction helps the reader understand the background to the text. Extensive footnotes and a long glossary have been provided so that the reader can clearly understand all the details involved.

Ontrul Tenpa’i Wangchuk’s principal lineage of Dzogchen teachings is that of Dzogchen Monastery, Tibet. Dza Patrul is an early figure of the same lineage who wrote a very famous commentary on Thorough Cut called Feature of the Expert Glorious King.

The book contains translations of the following texts:

Song of the View of the Thorough Cut of Luminosity Great Completion Called “Flight of the Garuda Capable of Quickly Traversing All the Levels and Paths”

A Summary of the Guidebook to the Thorough Cut View, Flight of the Garuda, Called “A Key to Unravel the Treasury of the Three Lineages’ Instructions”

Guidance from the introduction: "The texts here are about a subject that is kept secret. Anyone who has had these teachings in person will be able to understand them or at least go to their teacher and ask for further explanation. Anyone who has heard these teachings in person from a qualified teacher, and especially who has had the introduction to the nature of mind upon which the teachings hinge, please use and enjoy the texts as you will. If you have not had a proper introduction to the nature of your mind, you would be better off not reading this book but seeking out someone who could teach it to you according to the ways of transmission laid out in the lineage itself. ... In short, the contents of this book could be dangerous to your spiritual health if you are not ready for it, so exercise care."

215 pages. Paperback.

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