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Gomden Meditation Cushion - In black with red center. A rectangular cushion for comfortable cross-legged meditation

Gomden® Meditation Cushion

The Gomden is made only by us. The Gomden Cushion is a rectangular meditation cushion of firm foam inside of a removable, washable quilted fabric cover. Note: some have called this a square meditation cushion--close enough!

The Gomden is designed for a cross-legged meditation posture with the knees up off the Zabuton. Gomden sets include Zabuton Cushion for ankles and knees. Consider the Gomden Set with a Meditation Pillow for added height. ECO fabrics are available for the Gomden and for an additional charge for the Gomden Meditation Cushion Sets.

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The rectangular (not square!) Gomden cushion made only by us.