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Meditation Benches: The Seiza Bench from Zen in folding, oversized and adjustable meditation bench models. Our Tall and Low Cloud Bench (in Zen Black and Natural), for cross legged sitting is an alternative to a meditation chair. All made here in Vermont.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

With the Holiday Season approaching you’re probably wondering what to get your fellow meditators that will support them in their practice and study. Here at Samadhi we want to help you with your gift-giving so each of us has chosen a favorite item that your friends might find helpful.

"If you meditate but you’ve found that sitting on a zafu or a gomden doesn’t work for you, I recommend switching to a chair and using a meditation chair wedge. Firm and angled downwards from back to front, a wedge gives me the grounding I need. I’m more able to keep my legs still and my back straight. And it’s light-weight so I could take it with me to meditation programs."

Mark W., Assistant Manager

"Wrist Malas "Buddhist Prayer Bracelets are something colorful to wear that is also a reminder to slow down and be present with the moment we have now. A fun and affordable gift, the little mala bag makes the best wrapping paper."

Jeanine G., President

A Gomden Meditation Cushion Set with Pillow in Red is selected

"My passport bag is the most handy thing ever. When I go out for a walk, I don’t have to carry a big bag. I just put my cell phone and my credit cards and so on in my passport. It’s also the right size for a small notebook for taking notes at programs."

Bonnie G., Stitcher

A Gomden Meditation Cushion Set with Pillow in Red is selected

"Incense is powerful stuff. When I walk into a room where incense is burning, it knocks me out of my thoughts and wakes me up to whatever’s going on around me. Sandalwood is good and so is cedar, but people should try different types and find what suits them best."

Randy D., Shipper

"My pick is the solar powered prayer wheel. I have mine on the dash board of my pick-up truck so it spreads blessings wherever I go. You could put it in a window wherever you meditate and send prayers out into your neighborhood.

Lee S., Head Stuffer

"The best gift is the gift of meditation. So my vote is for our Meditation Starter Kits, which have a Zabuton Mat with a Meditation Cushion or Seiza Bench (for a kneeling posture). The Starter Kit instantly creates a place for meditation. As an added bonus, the kits include a unique book on the posture of meditation from the Somatic pioneer Ericka Berland--making these Meditation Starter kits the total package."

Michael G., Volunteer

A Gomden Meditation Cushion Set with Pillow in Red is selected

"Meditators always need a good place to sit down and practice. If you know someone who’s begun to practice, you could help them enjoy the tranquility of meditation by giving them a zafu zabuton set. They’re firm and durable and make meditation more comfortable. And you can get them in custom color combinations."

Judy B., Head Stitcher

"Prayer flags would be a good gift for yourself or anyone who wants to send a friendly message to the world. The idea is that when the wind blows the flags send out prayers for peace. They’re pretty to look at, too. You can hang them over your door or your porch."

Wilma G., Stitcher

"If someone asked me what to give to a meditator, I’d recommend Lojong Cards. Lojong mind training is a practice that uses slogans helps us develop compassion. Each Lojong Card has a slogan that can help us grow more gentle with others and more friendly toward ourselves."

Sumner B., Store Manager

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