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A Gomden Cushion set in royal blue - available in our Meditation Starter Kit.

How to Meditate

Meditation for Beginners

How to begin meditation at home? Obviously, you need to find the time. But just as importantly, you need to create the meditation space. Our Meditation Starter Kits include everything you need to create a comfortable and uplifted seat for meditation at home. We include here meditation courses from expert guides from the buddhist tradition as well a bell, incense bowl, and signs that say you're in a meditation session.

How to Choose a Meditation CushionRead "Starting Meditation at Home" ►

Meditation Starter Kits Include:

  • A Zafu or Gomden Cushion or Seiza Bench
  • Standard Zabuton Mat
  • Wisdom Book & Buddha Image
  • A Roll of Japanese Incense
  • Our Meditation Cushions and Seiza Bench made here in Vermont.
  • Card for a gift message also available