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Incense Charcoal
Swift Lite and Shoyeido Incense Charcoal Tablets and Swift Lite Charcoal Disks for Burning Incense

Incense Charcoal Disks Swift Lite and Shoyeido Charcoal

Incense Charcoal Disks and Incense Charcoal Tablets in a variety of sizes. We carry Swift Lite Charcoal and Shoyeido Charcoal disks for burning powdered sage, cedar, juniper or resin incense including, of course, frankincense. Swift Lite is available in a roll of 10 incense charcoal disks as well as a box of 8 rolls of 10. Shoyeido's Japanese Incense charcoal tablets come in two sizes, one larger square charcoal tablet, one rectangular. Keep your incense charcoal away from humidity for consistent lighting.

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