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Samadhi Cushions Zafu Limerick Contes

Grand Prize: $125 Gift Certificate at Samadhi Cushions (yes, it will buy you a Zafu Meditation Cushion Set).
Second Prize: $50 Gift Certificate.
Third Prize: A selection of Meditation Incense from Samadhi Store.

Limericks must be submitted no later than Monday, September 1st.
Winners, will be selected by Author and Teacher, Ms. Susan Piver
and will be announced on September 15.


To Qualify for the Zafu Limerick Contest your Limerick will:

1. Have a Title

2. Include the word “Zafu” in the body of the Limerick.

3. Be signed with the name you would like us to use when we share your limerick with the world (of Social Media) and when we announce the winners!

4. Be clean and nice. “Nantucket” and “Bucket” are fine–but stop there! Mean limericks need not apply.

5. Read like a limerick. Note: you may submit as many limericks as you like. Only two limericks, however, will be considered in the contest.

6. Be original and be yours. We will post limericks from members of the Samadhi Cushions Team (see Acharya Greenleaf’s Limerick below), but sorry Team, neither you nor any of your quirky relations are eligible for the prizes.

Even though he is NOT eligible for the prizes, as a way to inspire participation, Acharya Greenleaf submitted the following:

The Zafu, a cushion that’s round.
Goes on a Mat that rests on the ground.
When you sit and you settle,
You meet your own mettle,
Discovering a mind that’s Profound.