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Japanese Incense
Box of Shoyeido Autumn Leaves - Shown with Shoyeido Japanese Ceramic Incense Burner

Japanese Incense Sticks from Shoyeido and Nippon Kodo

Japanese incense available here from our online incense store.

Meditation Incense has been an important facet of Japanese Temple culture since the 6th century CE. Known for its purity, subtle blending, and use of rare scents including aloeswood and sandalwood, Japanese incense is used in Buddhist ceremonies, at the home altar, and in meditation.

In Japan, blending incense is considered an art form, and appreciating incense is considered a form of meditation known as listening to incense.

The long (9") incense sticks will burn for about 40-45 minutes, a 5" short incense stick will burn for about half an hour.

Shoyeido's Zen Incense (13") will burn for nearly 2 hours. Use either short or long incense sticks as a natural meditation timer.

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