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Books and Media on Lojong Slogans and Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation, Lojong Slogan Cards and Lojong Slogan Poster, Meditation Courses on How to Meditate, New Releases. Over 1500 titles, CD’s and DVD’s in stock. All titles discounted. Prompt shipping. We aren’t Amazon, but we know our titles. Call or write with questions.

Lojong Slogans and Buddhism

Lojong Mind Training and Buddhist Books

Lojong Slogan Cards and Lojong Mind Training Books from Pemo Chodron to the Buddha. Buddhist Wisdom Books, Tonglen, We feature Pema's teaching on Lojong and Tonglen as well as traditional discourses by the Buddha. There are over 1500 meditation titles in our retail store, including hard to find volumes, call us for questions or special orders.

Lojong Slogan Cards and Wisdom inspired by Buddhism

  • Lojong Slogan Cards and stand. Lojong Slogan Poster.
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  • Learn to be Mindful: Meditation Courses: Buddhist Wisdom
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