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Low Cloud Bench
Low Cloud Bench - Our Low Cloud Meditation Bench Set in Zen Black (low V.O.C. finish) with a Purple Zabuton Cushion and Slim Gomden

Low Cloud Bench

Special Note: Our current stock of Low Cloud Meditation Benches have a very minor cosmetic blemish on the black finish on the top of the bench, which will not be visible when covered by a meditation cushion. We stand by our product and do not want these otherwise excellent meditation benches to go to waste! We are offering these benches and also any Meditation Sets that include this black Low Cloud Meditation Bench at a discounted price of 25% off. This offer is available while our current stock lasts.

The Low Cloud Meditation Bench provides height and stability for a cross-legged meditation posture. Higher than a meditation cushion, but lower than a meditation chair, the Low Cloud Bench provides a stable and comfortable meditation seat.

Available in a Zen Black (solid Poplar) finish. Made in Vermont. 18" x 12.5" x 6.5" high. 8 lbs.

Typically sold with a 2” Cloud Bench Cushion. Use taller Cloud meditation bench cushions to adjust the height of your meditation seat. Save when you buy the Low Cloud Bench in a set with a Cloud Bench Cushion and a Zabuton.

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Our Cloud Meditation Bench in a lower version. The Low Cloud Bench is still a tall meditation bench that allows for knees off the meditation mat cross-legged meditation posture while still providing a grounded feeling. Made here in Vermont.