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Low Cloud Bench
Low Cloud Bench - Our Low Cloud Meditation Bench Set in Zen Black (low V.O.C. finish) with a Purple Zabuton Cushion and Slim Gomden

Low Cloud Bench

The Low Cloud Meditation Bench provides height and stability for a cross-legged meditation posture. Higher than a meditation cushion, but lower than a meditation chair, the Low Cloud Bench provides a stable and comfortable meditation seat.

Available in solid Maple with clear low-VOC finish. Made in Vermont. 18" x 12.5" x 6.5" high. 8 lbs.

Typically sold with a 2” Cloud Bench Cushion. Use taller Cloud meditation bench cushions to adjust the height of your meditation seat. Save when you buy the Low Cloud Bench in a set with a Cloud Bench Cushion and a Zabuton.

Our Cloud Meditation Bench in a lower version. The Low Cloud Bench is still a tall meditation bench that allows for knees off the meditation mat cross-legged meditation posture while still providing a grounded feeling. Made here in Vermont.