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Meditation Benches: The Seiza Bench from Zen in folding, oversized and adjustable meditation bench models. Our Tall and Low Cloud Bench (in Zen Black and Natural), for cross legged sitting is an alternative to a meditation chair. All made here in Vermont.

Meditation Benches

Meditation Benches: The Seiza Bench and the Cloud Bench

The Seiza (Say-ZA) Bench, the Zen Bench for a Kneeling Meditation Posture, also comes in a folding (portable hingeless model) as well as a curved leg version for an adjustable meditation bench. If you like the Seiza Bench but need more height, try our Seiza Bench PLUS.

The Cloud Bench supports a cross-legged meditation posture. The Cloud Meditation Bench is hand-crafted meditation furniture available in a tall and low version that is an alternative to chair meditation.

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Meditation Furniture: Made here in Vermont

  • Portable and adjustable Meditation Bench options
  • Meditation Bench Sets include a Bench cushion and Zabuton Mat
  • Master Furniture Maker’s Design—solid hardwood
  • Our Meditation Table is sturdy and portable
  • Low V.O.C. finishes available in Natural and Zen Black