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Meditation Benches: The Seiza Bench from Zen in folding, oversized and adjustable meditation bench models. Our Tall and Low Cloud Bench (in Zen Black and Natural), for cross legged sitting is an alternative to a meditation chair. All made here in Vermont.

Meditation Bench

Meditation Benches: The Seiza Bench and the Cloud Meditation Bench

Our Folding Meditation Bench is a Seiza (Say-ZA) Bench, the Kneeling Meditation Bench from Zen. We make Meditation Bench Cushions: A Seiza Bench Cushion and the slim Gomden for our Cloud Meditation Benches. You can also purchase meditation benches with cushions as well as meditation bench sets for savings.

The Cloud Meditation Bench supports a simple cross-legged meditation posture. The Seiza Meditation Kneeling bench, with your legs tucked under, may offer some relief for sore knees that come from sitting on the zafu in meditation. The Zabuton Mat, sold with the Seiza Bench Set and Cloud Meditation Bench Set will cushion the knees and ankles.

Meditation Benches Made here in Vermont

  • Solid Wood Meditation Benches Hand Made in Vermont
  • The Japanese Meditation Bench (Seiza) is for Kneeling Meditation
  • The Cloud Meditation Bench is an alternative to Chair Meditation
  • Meditation Bench Cushions in a variety of colors.
  • Low V.O.C. finishes available in Natural and Zen Black

  • Seiza Meditation Bench Sets

    Seiza Meditation Bench Sets
    Cloud Bench Set - An alternative to Chair Meditation. Solid maple. Low V.O.C. finish in Natural. Made in Vermont. Portable. Cloud Meditation Bench shown here in a set with a slim Gomden and Zabuton Cushion in Khaki fabric

    Seiza Bench with Seiza Cushion and Zabuton

    All of our Seiza Benches can be purchased as a set with a Zabuton Mat in a washable zippered cover as well as a Seiza Cushion that secures under the meditation bench with Velcro straps. Seiza Bench Sets are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. The Seiza Bench Cushion and Zabuton Mat are hand stuffed and tufted with 100% cotton batting. All made here in Vermont.

  • Cloud Bench

    Cloud Bench
    The Cloud Bench is a tall meditation bench (10.5” high) that comes in Zen Black (solid poplar) or Natural (solid maple). Natural has a water-based, low V.O.C. children’s furniture-grade finish. Made here in Vermont.

    The Cloud Bench (not a Meditation Chair)

    The Cloud Meditation Bench is for anyone who wants more height and stability to support a cross-legged meditation posture but had resigned themselves to chair meditation.

    The Cloud Bench is a tall meditation bench (10.5” high) with a natural water-based, low V.O.C. children’s furniture-grade finish on solid maple. Made here in Vermont.

    18”x12”x10.5” high. 8 lbs. Assembles and disassembles easily for transport and storage.

    Cloud Bench Sets are sold with a 2” Meditation Bench Cushion and the 2.5” Zabuton Mat.