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Sumi Ink Calligraphy Brushes
Calligraphy Brushes, Sumi Ink and Calligraphy Paper and Supplies - Brushes and Ink imported from Japan

Sumi Ink Calligraphy Brushes

What is the nature of calligraphy? It is a direct act. There is no touching up or working over. It stands on its own, fresh and immediate. Calligraphy is alive. It is created on the spot and is a living expression of the moment. Calligraphy creates connection. In the making of stroke we bring the mind of space down onto the earth of paper, mixing with the moisture of ink and the fire of heart. It is an act that joins the vision of heaven with the practicalities of earth within the human experience.

  • Calligraphy brushes
  • Sumi ink
  • Rice paper
  • Shikishi boards
  • Shikishi frames
  • And other brush calligraphy supplies from Japan

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Brush Protector Calligraphy Brush Protector
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Iron Glaze Brush Plate Iron Glaze Plate
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White Brush Plate White Plate
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