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The Three Vehicles of Buddhist Practice by Thrangu Rinpoche
The Three Vehicles of Buddhist Practice by Thrangu Rinpoche

When Buddhism came to Tibet, the great masters of meditation determined that to practice Buddhism properly, all three vehicles or levels of Buddhism had to be studied and practiced.

The first vehicle of this practice is the hinayana path, which includes the careful examination of the self, the meticulous accumulation of merit, and of course, the meditation on the Buddha's first teaching--the Four Noble Truths. The practice of this vehicle is basic shamatha and vipashyana meditation.

The second vehicle of this practice is the mahayana path, which involves the understanding of the emptiness of phenomena and an understanding of the ultimate and the conventional truths. The practice of the mahayana is embarking upon the bodhisattva path by engendering great compassion and practicing the six perfections.

Finally the third vehicle is explained--the vajrayana, which involves doing the preliminary preparations, engaging in meditation on the yidams, and doing the meditation of looking directly at mind, which is called mahamudra.

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