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The Truth of Suffering and the Path of Liberation
by Chogyam Trungpa

The Truth of Suffering and the Path of Liberation <br>by Chogyam Trungpa


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Chogyam Trungpa's in-depth exploration of the Four Noble Truths reveals the subtlety and sophistication that lie beneath these deceptively simple teachings. He emphasizes their profound relevance not just as an inspiration when we set out on the path but at every other moment of our lives as well, showing how we can join view (intellectual understanding) of the teaching with practical application in order to interrupt suffering before it arises.

His teaching is, as always, refreshingly direct and profoundly inpsiring. The Truth of Suffering is an ideal introduction to the Four Noble Truths for the beginner as well as for the experienced practitioner in search of deeper understanding.

155 pages. Paperback.

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The truth of life has never been better or more succinctly articulated than in the Buddha's teaching on suffering, its cause, and its cessation -- the famous formulation known as the Four Noble Truths.  This concise handful of words is in fact the foundation from which all subsequent Buddhist teachings grow, and upon which all of them rely.  Their wisdom is as pertinent to the scholar of Buddhist philosophy as it is to the ordinary practitioner, as it is indeed to anyone, anywhere, who aspires to liberation.

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