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Zafu Cushion Limerick Contest 2014 / WINNERS!
1st Prize ~ David Weissman

Sits on his zau at the Princeton Buddhist Meditation Group
and Cold Mountain Zen, NJ.

I have heard that a green meditator
Fled her zafu to see who would date her.
She announced to her bar-mate,
I'm Tara incarnate,
And you'll sit with me sooner or later.

1st Prize TIE ~ Rhiannon Wells

Sits on her zafu at the
Halifax, NS Shambhala CTR,
where she is the Exec Director.

My zabuton sat all alone
Till I ordered a zafu, by phone
Samadhi said, "yes!"
And sent it express
Now I sit like a king on a throne.

2nd Prize ~ Gil Puga

Fresno, CA. Sits on his Zafu
wherever he pleases.

In Zen we sit Shikantaza
On Zafu we ponder Anatta
True nature is found
From sky to the ground
Namo Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha

3rd Prize ~ Grace DiNapoli

Sits on her zafu
at Karme Choling,
where she is a force
at KCL's Kyudo Dojo

When I sit with myself I’m in heaven
but barely can count up to seven
But a zafu does help
keep my mind off the yelps
now in zazen I’m up to eleven

Grand Prize: $125 Gift Certificate
2nd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate.
3rd Prize: A selection of Meditation Incense.
Deadline for submission is Monday, 9/1/2014.
Winners will be selected by Author and Teacher, Ms. Susan Piver, and announced on September 15th.
To Qualify for the Contest your Limerick will:
1. Include the word “Zafu” in the body of the Limerick.
2. Be signed with the name you would like us to use when we share your limerick with the world (of Social Media) and when we announce the winners!
3. While some have alleged that the only true limerick is "obscene and transgressive" we invite you to explore the boundaries of "clean and nice." Sorry no profanity.
4. (revised on 8-14-2014) Read like a limerick. Note: you may submit three limericks. All three will be entered in the Contest, but only one can win a prize. If you submit more than three, the first three will be entered in the Contest. If you submitted more than three prior to this revision, you have the option of choosing which three to submit. Otherwise, we will choose the first three. In any case, aside from the final three prize-winners, all entries will be considered for Honorable Mention in one or more special categories (eg. Funniest, Disgusting, Goth, Dharmic, etc) now under development.
5. Be original and be yours. We will post limericks from members of the Samadhi Cushions Team (but sorry Team -- neither you nor any of your quirky relations are eligible for the prizes).

Thank you to everyone who sumbitted Limericks.

There were around 170 submissions. 146 of those made the first cut and were sent to Susan Piver who selected the winners.

Because Susan did not see the authors' names and because up to three Limericks could be submitted by one person, it was necessary for Susan to choose seven Limericks to ensure we had three individual winners. Well -- guess we wound up with four :)
Here are the remaining three Limericks of Susan's seven choices for special honorable mention:


Mark V. McDonnell
The roshi growled "'nuff with your kvetchin'"
Summarily ending the sesshin
I sulked on my zafu
And then recalled how
to Self-liberate karmic transgression:

Hallie Plitman Marker
Try judo, taekwondo, karate,
Dance near me, seductive and naughty, When my rear's on a zafu,
Although you may scoff, you
Will never disturb my samadhi.

David Weissman
There once was a lady named Hannah,
Who hailed from the purlieus of Ghana. She'd sit and she'd pray
On her zafu all day
To obtain a foretaste of nirvana

Our Limerick Judge Susan Piver had a lot of fun judging the Contest and sent along her own Limerick commentary:

There once was a person named Susan
She was asked to pick winnin' from losin'
Her mind reeled with joy
She had found a new toy!
But she still hasn't quite got the hang of writing limericks herself.

Susan Piver is a Buddhist teacher and the New York Times bestselling author of seven books, including The Hard Questions and the award-winning How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life  Her latest book is entitled The Wisdom of a Broken Heart. Her eight book, Start Here Now: A Guide to the Path and Practice of Meditation will be published next year.