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Zafu Zabuton Sets
Zafu Zabuton Set - Shown here in Eco Gray

Zafu Zabuton Meditation Starter Kits

The Zabuton Mat, sold with with each Meditation Starter Set is layered with 100% cotton batting.

All Zafu and Zabuton Sets are made in Vermont! All Zafu Zabuton Sets come with a cotton Zabuton Mat to cushion the knees and ankles. All meditation pillows in our Zafu Sets have removable and washable zippered covers. All Meditation Cushion Sets are available in an organic natural cotton fabric as well as 2 ECO fabrics (organic cotton/recycled poly) for an additional charge.

The Zafu Cushions (both crescent and round) in these sets are stuffed with natural kapok fiber. See our Buckwheat Zafu category for Zafu Zabuton sets sold with a buckwheat hull Zafu.

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