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Zafu on a Zabuton Mat - Shown here in Khaki fabric cover

Zafu Meditation Cushion

Our Zafu Cushions are Vermont-Made firm round meditation pillows stuffed with natural kapok fiber. We also offer a Zafu and Zabuton Set . Our Buckwheat Zafu Pillow is filled with natural Buckwheat Hulls. Our Half-Moon Crescent Zafu is available in both Buckwheat and Kapok Fill. Our Zafu Zabuton Sets will support your knees and ankles. Our Zafu Meditation pillows are used on the floor. The Zabuton Mat sold with the Zafu and Zabuton Sets will cushion your knees and ankles.

Our cheapest
Zafu Kapok Cushion is available in a sturdy cotton or blend shell, no zippered cover. Our Half-Moon Zafu crescent gives a gentle incline to your meditation posture. The Zafu Cushion with Zafu Cover and the Half Moon Zafu with Cover have removable, washable Zafu Covers. Zippered Zafu Covers available separately.

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The Zafu made by us here in Vermont since 1976. We also offer a Buckwheat Zafu Pillow and a Half Moon Crescent Zafu Cushion. Zafu Cushion Covers available separately.