A Message from our Founder
Following the killing of George Floyd

Dear Friends,

I am angry.

Like many of you, I watched in horror as the Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd, an unarmed Black man. Feeling helpless and vulnerable in the face of racial injustice and police brutality, I also felt angry with myself.

Meditation can help us see how emotions arise, where they come from, and the intense confusion they generate. At the same time, when we see clearly, our anger could be accurate and wise. In my experience, wise anger doesn’t represent anyone or anything else. It speaks for itself.

But anger is not enough. More is needed. In the clarity of anger, I have given myself things to do:

  • Stretch: My granddaughter sent me a video. It was hard to sit through, but it helped me think in new ways. Lean into language and questions you might have ignored until now.
  • Share: When a fresh voice speaks to you and challenges you, forward it along. Trevor Noah asked: “who is being looted?” His words moved me.
  • Protest: Wear your mask, social distance, but get out there. Share your presence. Share your voice. Start a conversation. There is something tricky about silence right now.
  • Give: Start locally. Give to the leaders, teachers and organizations working to meet this moment that we, as a country, must face together.
My point: Give, your time, attention, presence, your voice and your resources. Give to support, but give also to make a connection. Give in a way that prepares you to give again tomorrow. That’s what’s needed today.

If we can’t do that, what is our meditation for?

This is just a list. My list. Make one of your own. Follow through.

Stay safe, be brave, be angry, and listen,

Jeanine Greenleaf, President

p.s. My own giving? Today, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The National Bail Fund Network and The Vermont Freedom Bail Fund (providing bail relief for migrant workers here in Vermont).