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Buddhist Prayer Bracelets
Buddhist Wrist Mala Bracelets

Buddhist Wrist Mala Bracelets

We carry Buddhist Prayer Bracelets or Wrist Malas used in the Buddhist tradition for counting recitations of mantras or contemplations.

The material used as the beads can vary. We offer a variety of semi-precious stone, quartz crystal, seed, and decorative or aromatic woods as the mala beads. The term mala comes from the Sanskrit and means garland. Buddhist Prayer. Traditionally, Buddhist Prayer Bead Bracelets are worn on the right wrist, but you can wear them wherever is most comfortable for you.

Traditionally, Tibetan prayer bracelets have 21 beads, as that is considered an auspicious number for mantra repetition, or 27 beads as a quarter of a full mala of 108. The bead count on the mala may vary, depending on the tradition from which it originates. They can also simply be worn as a fashionable bracelet.

If the mala is made with a stretchy string, it is indicated. It's best to remove your mala before bedtime and good to protect it in a little mala bag, if you don't plan to wear it all the time.

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