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Finding your Meditation Seat
1.) Choosing a Meditation Cushion (or Meditation Bench)
  Meditation is best accomplished with personal instruction on technique and posture. The key to a successful posture is your height off of the zabuton or meditation mat. If your thighs are angling downward from your hips when you sit, you have the beginnings of a sustainable posture. In addition to the wisdom of your meditation teacher, we would like to mention a few things:

  • The Standard Gomden is suitable for a simple cross-legged posture in which your knees are up, not resting on the Zabuton mat.
  • The Zafu (Half-Moon or traditional round) is best for 'lotus' or similar sitting styles in which your knees lie flat on the Zabuton mat.
  • The Zabuton mat will help to cushion your ankles.
  • Use our Support Cushion alone or to add height to your Zafu or Gomden.
  • If you require even more height, consider the Samadhi Cloud Benches, which can provide up to 10.5 inches of height for cross-legged sitting and are more grounded than Chair Meditation.
  • Our Seiza Bench, is modeled on what is used in the Zen tradition and will support a kneeling meditation posture.

Don't hesitate to call us for advice. We are happy to help you with your decision.

Below is a video about the Gomden

Is the Gomden cushion right for me?

Click here to see more videos about our meditation cushions and meditation benches.

Are your fabrics 100% cotton?
  Most of our fabrics are a 6-7 oz. twill in a sturdy cotton/poly blend. Our ECO fabrics are blend of organic cotton and recycled poly. Our Natural Organic Cotton fabric is 100% US sourced.
Can I buy a cover?
  Our Gomden Meditation Cushion, Buckwheat Zafus, and Zabuton Cushions are always sold with a replaceable zippered cover. Zabuton covers are available separately in zippered or fitted versions.  The Standard Zafu Cover is zippered, with the zipper around the circular center.  We also make a zippered cover for the Support Cushion. You can choose to buy the deluxe version of the Kapok Zafu or Support Cushion. The deluxe comes with a removable cover.
Can I buy Kapok fill or Buckwheat hulls to recharge my cushion at home?
  We use 4 lb of kapok per Zafu and 2.6 lb of Buckwheat hulls per Zafu as filling during production.  Over time, although very resilient, the kapok will compress to a point at which you may want to add some more.  Also, the buckwheat hulls may break down after extended use.  Give us a call. We can help you figure out how much you should purchase to recharge your cushion and give you pointers on how to do it properly.
Can I get expedited shipping?
  Call us.  Tell us when you need it and we will give you the options.
Can I return a cushion if it's not right for me?
  Absolutely, see our return policy.
Do you use components made in the USA?
  Some of our components, such a kapok fiber, can only be sourced from outside the United States.  Whenever possible we choose to associate with US suppliers, distributors and employers.
How do I care for the cushions?
  Gomdens are pretty indestructible but with intense use, the foam center may degrade over time and need to be replaced. As this foam is manufactured to specifications it is difficult to find. Let us source your replacement Gomden foam. Be sure to plump your standard kapok Zafu after each use.  Turn the cushion on its side and "knead" it along the pleats to maintain the loft and increase the life of the kapok stuffing.  Should the Zafu compress after extended use, additional kapok or buckwheat can be added in the fabric shell. We can send you additional kapok or buckwheat for a nominal charge.  Your Zabuton Mat and Meditation Support Cushion should provide you with many years of comfortable sitting.  Avoid storing them in a folded position, as this may permanently crease the 100% cotton filling.
How do I wash my cover?
  For all of our fabrics (cotton and cotton blends) machine or hand wash using cold water and a mild detergent. Then line dry and press with a medium-hot iron if desired.  For stains, use a colorfast spot remover and test on a corner piece of the fabric cover.
So, what do I do if I am still not sure what to buy?
  Start by viewing the videos on our meditation cushion (and meditation bench) pages. Read about the basic cushion options (Gomden or Zafu) and the bench options (Kneeling or Cloud). If you still have a question, it's probably a good one.

You can call us M-F and Saturday (see our phone and hours). If you like, Email us or write us. Our mission is to help establish and support your meditation practice. When you call, you can talk to an experienced meditator, and get almost any question addressed. We won't sell you something you don't need (at least not intentionally) and we will try our best to help you find what you do need.

What color should I select?
  Some Buddhist groups and retreat centers associate with a particular color for the cushions they purchase.  For home meditation you should choose whatever color suits you.
What is a second?
  A second cushion has a minor flaw in the fabric or construction that does not affect its use but disqualifies it for sale as a first quality cushion. Our standards are high.  You will probably not notice the difference.  The price break for seconds is 20%.
What is an overstock?
  An overstock cushion is first quality but has been made out of a "lot" of cotton manufactured prior to the current lot of a particular shade in use.   The previous lot may no longer match the color of the current cotton we have on the cutting table.  Minor differences in color variation from lot to lot sometimes makes it necessary to set aside cushions as overstock when they no longer can be used as part of matching sets.  The price break for overstock is 15%.
What is Buckwheat filling?
  Buckwheat hulls are used as filling for a variety of upholstered goods. We offer it as a filling for the round Zafu and the half moon style Zafu. The hulls are durable and will not reflect your body heat as much as synthetic fills. They are considered hypoallergenic and so are sometimes marketed as an alternative natural fill to feathers.
What is Kapok filling?
  Kapok is an all-natural fiber harvested from the seedpods of the kapok tree.  Kapok is hypoallergenic, resilient, lightweight and mold resistant.  It also floats should the need arise.  It's a sustainable, completely natural and pesticide free product.  The Kapok tree grows in the South Pacific.  Among the natural fiber filling choices, it has the unique ability to retain its fluffiness after lots of use.
When should I choose a meditation bench?
  A kneeling bench is used for the kneeling posture.  You may prefer to kneel if you find it too difficult to sit in the crossed legged position.  Our cloud benches make it possible to sit higher with stability.  The alternative of doubling up on cushions would prove to be unstable and so uncomfortable.