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Burning Incense from Japan, India, and China - Resin incense. Powder incense, sage, juniper and cedar. Long and short sticks for burning. Incense Bowls and Burners. Sand for your burner. Shoyeido.

Incense Store - Holiday Sale 20% Thru Dec 17th

Sale on our Meditation Incense from our Online Incense Store: Use the coupon code GiftGuide at check out.

Through December 17th, use the coupon code GiftGuide at check out to receive 20% off of any incense or incense burner in our Incense Store. Our Online Incense Store stocks an extensive variety of incense sticks from Japan, Tibet, India, and China for your meditation altar. Aloeswood, sandalwood, earthy natural incense Tibetan-Style. Smokeless incense for a delicate scent. Incense bowls and burners, incense charcoal for burning powder and resin incense (such as frankincense or sage) as well as sand for your incense burner. Call us with a question, we burn what we sell!

“The incense is powerful and provocative, whether Buddhist or Catholic.” —David Bowie

We have been shipping incense since 1976. Your order ships promptly.

Incense Sticks and Powder Save 20%

  • Shoyeido and Nippon Kodo
  • Tibetan Incense from India and Nepal
  • Japanese Smokeless Incense (for less smoke)
  • Frankincense, Sage and Juniper Powder Incense
  • Incense Charcoal Discs and Tablets
  • Incense Burners and bowls