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Because mindfulness requires neither a "worship" of the Buddha nor "conversion" to Buddhism, Samadhi encourages practitioners of other traditions to consider mindfulness meditation as a potential enrichment of their own spiritual practice and tradition. Listed below are sites of interest. If you know of sites that highlight mindfulness meditation in some way please send the web address or mailing address to our webmaster.


Shambhala International
Shambhala is a worldwide network of meditation centers providing instruction, classes and programs, founded by Chšgyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a master of the Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.


Karm Chšling
Located in Vermont's beautiful Northeast Kingdom, Karm Chšling is one of North America's oldest Buddhist retreat centers. Literally "Dharma Place of Enlightened Activity," Karm Chšling is a place where people can practice and study the Shambhala tradition of Buddhist meditation, and the contemplative arts and related disciplines.


Shambhala Sun
The Shambhala Sun is a Buddhist-inspired magazine, applying the wisdom of the world's great contemplative traditions to the arts, social issues, politics and health


Shambhala Mountain Center
Shambhala Mountain Center (formerly Rocky Mountain Dharma Center) hosts programs and retreats in a contemplative setting. SMC is located on 600 acres in a valley of forests and meadows in the northern Colorado Rockies. It is a place where people can practice and study various meditation traditions, train in contemplative arts, connect with the natural elements, and rediscover their own richness, gentleness, and compassion.


Empty Bell (buddhist/christian dialogue)
....a sanctuary for the study and practice of Christian meditation and prayer...We give special attention to the Christian-Buddhist dialogue, and to the common territory between spirituality and the arts.


Thomas Merton ~ Abbey of Gesthemani (www.monks.org).


Shambhala Publications
.... for a quarter of a century, Shambhala Publications has been devoted to the magic, craft, and business of books.


Among the major questions treated in this book is that of spiritual emptiness as it is experienced in the traditions of East and West.


Naropa Institute ~ B.A. Religious Studies
Naropa's approach draws from the scholarly discipline of history of religions as well as from a commitment to presenting traditions from perspectives sympathetic with the living communities themselves.


Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
A monthly magazine devoted to Buddhism.


Buddhist Studies in Bodh Gaya --- Antioch University.
This small North Indian town attracts pilgrims from all over the Buddhist world...
Any student in good standing with his or her own college may apply. Non-credit students with a serious commitment to learning will also be considered.


Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery
A Buddhist community in the tradition of Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho & Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.