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Samadhi Cushions is proud to provide meditation cushions in quantity
to a variety of nonprofit institutions as well as individuals.

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Dear Bonnie and Randy,

The zafus, gomdens and zabutans you made for us look just great in our shrine room in Aro Kha'jong--Sky Meadow, upstate New York.

A few years ago, we purchased several cushions from Samadhi and were impressed by their quality and the care taken in their creation. They have lasted through many retreats and still look vibrant.

I also want to thank you for the excellent customer service you have provided. You are a pleasure to deal with and be assured more orders will follow.

Ngakma Yesha Zartsal
Aro Gar


Dear Bonnie,

We have found Samadhi cushions to be of the highest quality.

During the last two years our meditation space underwent renovations. Our mindfulness classes were held in multiple locations in the Twin Cities. We transported our cushions from place to place in bags.

After being dragged around for two years and with four years of use by college students and community members they continue to be as "good as new".

Beth Somerville
Outreach Programming
Center for Spirituality & Healing
University of Minnesota
420 Delaware Street, SE, MMC 505
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612-626-2395


Hi Bonnie

The cushions produced by Samadhi are in a class of their own.
Exceptionally comfy cushions with a build quality second to none

Diamond Heart Foundation


Bonnie, top of the day to you and happy Tuesday.

I have taught meditation for 38 years and have bought zafus from just about every vendor on this planet. Without a doubt, Samadhi makes the best cushions.

Lex Gillan
The Yoga Institute