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The meditation room at Karme Choling. Create a meditation room or quiet zone for wellness at the workplace.

Workplace Meditation Rooms

Mindfulness Training at Work

"If you bring full attention to the breath, it's actually very powerful. Suddenly your entire mind becomes collected and you're centered."

Chade-Meng Tan, Google Engineer and Creator of Search Inside Yourself (SIY)

Office Meditation Room Ideas

Our mission is to support Mindfulness Meditation. Because mindfulness brings awareness, encouraging sensitivity and creativity, a well-designed meditation space will help support the success of your institution. We want to be part of that success.We have ideas and hands on experience that can help.

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How We can Help You Establish a Meditation Space at Work

40 Years of Experience | Vermont-Made | ECO Friendly Materials | Flexible & Responsive | Deadline Friendly | The Highest Quality Meditation Cushions and Meditation Benches on the Planet.

We Serve: Notforprofits | Fortune 100 Corporations | Educational Institutions

Create an Inviting and Practical Space for Mindfulness at Work

Since 1975, Samadhi Cushions has designed and made cushions and benches for sitting meditation. We make our cushions ourselves in our own shop to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our products are built to last and to stay beautiful for years to come. We can provide washable covers to help you keep your workplace quiet zone inviting and uplifted.

Meditation at Work: Our Experience Works for You

For over 40 years, we have provided meditation seating for the world’s largest corporations and organizations. More often than not, this means working with the deadlines and requirements of the design team and project managers to create a non-religious inviting space for quiet time. Often, our clients are able to find what they need from the variety of fabrics and finishes we stock for our meditation cushions and benches. We can also use custom selected fabrics and materials you have chosen and are happy to create meditation seating based upon your specifications.

Let us Help you Support Your Vision for Office Health and Wellness

Let us help you find the meditation seating solutions you envision for your employees or clients. Yes, we can work with a P.O. system and strict deadlines. Favorite fabrics requested by our institutional partners? Our ECO twill and ECO Grey. Our three top selling institutional meditation solutions? Our Gomden (for comfortable cross-legged sitting), our Zafu (from Zen) and the Kneeling Meditation Bench(ergonomic relief for the hips). Some clients opt for a mix of these three in the meditation space. Please complete the questionnaire below to help us understand how we might support your vision for office wellness.

Non Religious Meditation for Stress Management at the Workplace

Our success isn’t selling you a meditation cushion or meditation bench. It’s supporting your effort over the long-term as you establish safe and supportive spaces for quiet, reflective, nonreligious contemplation and mind training. We work to create sustainable, long-term relationships with our corporate partners. We want to work with you as you grow and develop as an organization. We are here to help you create a workplace meditation space that changes your corporate culture for the long-term.